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Vigo Gallery

Vigo Gallery

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The Vigo Gallery virtual tour features a spacious, custom built virtual gallery, displaying paintings byIbrahim El Salahi, Daniel Crews-Chubb, Johnny Abrahams, Bram Bogart and Spiller+Cameron. The format of the space was chosen to fit a selection of largescale paintings, which would be difficult to showcase together in a real-life setting due to space constraints. The concrete floor reflects the view of a misty English countryside, which help to ground the gallery in the space. Vigo Virtual Gallery expands the boundaries of the real world, in terms of style, scope and location. Artworks are spanned between the two floors of the gallery. Large, floor to ceiling windows open the space and fill the rooms with natural light.

All paintings featured in the show have a 3D-modelled frame, each of which is specific to the painting itself. One artwork, Bram Bogart’s “De Stijkleur” does not have a frame; however, it features the most detailed look out of all the artworks in the tour. By using inhouse technology, we managed to portray each brushstroke and curve of the artwork in 3D, making the artwork stand out even more when viewed on-screen, creating multidimensional feeling of the artwork.


Virtual Tour

The first Vigo Gallery virtual exhibition was released in May 2020, and has attracted over 10,000 viewers worldwide. It was featured as best virtual exhibition by the Art Newspaper and Artnet.



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