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Skarstedt Gallery

Skarstedt Gallery

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‘Painter / Sculptor’ brings together work by nine distinguished artists who acquired both painting and sculpture to put together a unique artistic language. Presenting paintings and sculptures by Alberto Giacometti, Willem de Kooning, Georg Baselitz, Dana Schutz, Martin Kippenberger, Eric Fischl, George Condo, KAWS, and Jeff Koons.

The virtual space releases a large room revealing the artwork in an instinctive yet detailed presentation. Both sides of the large room feature four miniature rooms, exhibiting more artwork where you can get up-close to the sculptures and art itself. The important feature inside the virtual gallery of Skarstedt is the emphasis on the sculptures and placement. Each sculpture is placed on a tall platform, giving visitors full control of a 360-degree view. The ceiling lighting works its way around the room, focusing its attention on the artwork itself with a spotlight feature.

Interactive virtual tour

The Skarstedt Gallery exhibition ‘Painter / Sculptor’ received 40% returning visitors within a month of launching the virtual gallery


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