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Portland gallery

Launch date:

Portland Gallery, based in London,Mayfair, was looking to extend their exhibition space virtually, to allow the visitors to access the gallery while it is closed and to attract clients from overseas. The digitally reconstructed version of the gallery accurately resembles its real-life counterpart, featuring the gallery space over 2 floors with a private view room downstairs.

Portland Gallery regularly puts up virtual shows, with David Spiller being the 3rd exhibition in 2020. Spiller’s artwork is blending styles by mixing the hard-hitting immediacy of Pop Art, with bold colours, punchy texts and clean lines, alongside expressionistic painting and hard-edged abstraction.

The virtual exhibition features 32 of David’s works from 3 decades, accurately transferred into the virtual space from high-resolution photographs of the works, maintaining the realistic size and creating individual lighting set up for each piece, just like it would be done in the physical gallery space. All of that made the tour and incredibly realistic representation of what one would see in reality. Zoom in functionality allows to explore every detail of the work, finding hidden messages and small drawings inside each painting – even closer than visible in reality.


Virtual Tour

The tour has generated over 2000% ROI, attracting 4 new clients to the gallery, some of them from abroad.



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