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Maddox Gallery – Graceland

Maddox Gallery

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Maddox Gallery is an international powerhouse within the world of contemporary and modern art. With five locations in London, Gstaad, and Los Angeles showcasing some of the most widely known, established, and emerging artists. The aspiring collectors can immerse themselves in the highly collectible world of contemporary and modern art.

The virtual exhibition is featuring artist Grace McCalla’s bold and vibrant illustrations and paintings. Entitled ‘As Above, So Below’, the artwork is presented in a horror motel revealing blood-stained carpets and horror movie soundtracks. Sound effects played a part in helping portray the scary aura, such as creaking floorboards and squeaky doors. The artist Grace also designed the neon lights to accompany the atmosphere, making it even more custom to the artist.

Interactive virtual tour

Visitors spent more than 20 minutes inside the haunted virtual space and more than 50% of viewers returned more than once.


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