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Maddox Gallery – David Yarrow virtual show

Maddox Gallery

Launch date:

Maddox Gallery – one of the leading contemporary galleries – were looking to expand their exhibition space through Virtual Reality. The first virtual space created for the Maddox Gallery is the quintessence of elegance, blending magnificent elements of classical architecture with the contemporary feel of concrete flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The gallery boasts 400 sq m of space, spanned over two floors, with 10m high ceilings. Looking out onto the lake, the space is flooded with natural light, creating the perfect canvas for artworks display.

The first virtual exhibition presented in the space is a solo show by David Yarrow, a renowned photographer. 28 large-scale black and white artworks were digitally framed and curated in the virtual space, creating a seamless flow of the show.


Virtual Tour

The Maddox Gallery exhibition opened in May 2020 and received over 9,000 visitors within the span of a month.



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