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Long-Sharp Gallery


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Long-Sharp Virtual Gallery comprises of two separate wings, which were designed specifically for the gallery and completed in 3D. Each wing has a completely unique architectural style, with the size of the space tailored to the number of works it fits.

Once in the tour, you will see yourself standing in front of a futuristic-looking building – the front of the Long-Sharp virtual gallery. The building is located in the middle of a lake and accessible by a curved bridge, becoming part of the serene landscape.

The first wing, ‘Spell it Out’, is an octagonal-shaped room with a frosted glass ceiling. The space is a perfect setting for seven artists working with text. The artists featured are Kay Rosen, Edward Ruscha, Mel Bochner, Ann Hamilton, Robert Indiana, Christopher Wool, and Miriam Londoño.

The second space, ‘Driven to Abstraction’, has become a home for works by some of the most notable names in contemporary abstraction including Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler, and Sam Gilliam. Established abstract artists such as New York’s Sabina Klein and Indiana’s Tamar Kander, along with emerging artists Samuel E. Vázquez, Amy Kirchner, Destiny Palmer, and Kamiesha Garbadawala are also featured. The virtual space is bright and wide with plenty of space to tour in luxury. Outside the windows shows nature and a lake, also created using 3D technology.


Interactive virtual tour



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