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Long-Sharp Gallery


Launch date:

Long-Sharp Virtual Gallery comprises of two separate wings, which were designed specifically for the gallery and completed in 3D. Each wing has a completely unique architectural style, with the size of the space tailored to the number of works it fits.

Once in the tour, you will see yourself standing in front of a futuristic-looking building – the front of the Long-Sharp virtual gallery. The building is located in the middle of a lake and accessible by a curved bridge, becoming part of the serene landscape.

The first wing, Gallery A, is an octagonal-shaped room with frosted glass ceiling. The space is a perfect a perfect setting for 12 artworks by Pablo Picasso. The works themselves are completed with gold leaf frames, also recreated in 3D.

The second space, Gallery B, has become a home for the first exhibition of works by Spiller+Cameron. The artist duo works with pieces of rags, canvas and paper bags, which are combined together to create new pieces of art, upcycling the found materials. Each of the works has been meticulously sewn together, which can be seen at the back of each work. On the top floor of the gallery, those backs a clearly visible, as the works are suspended from the ceiling and accessible from both sides.


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