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Gilman Contemporary

Gilman Contemporary

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Gilman Contemporary is an art gallery based in Ketchum, Idaho. L’Anne Gilman, the owner of the gallery, wanted to recreate her actual gallery space to allow showcasing and selling artwork online and attract new clients. The goal was to make a virtual replica of the space in full 3D.

Gilman also wanted to slightly enhance the space by removing the pillar in the middle of the room, making the gallery look more open and spacious. While it is not possible in reality, VR allows making such amendments.

The gallery was built in 3D while preserving all the little details and distinct features of the space, including the two moveable walls to each side of the glass office, positions of which can be adjusted for every new art show to accommodate different layouts.

The window view was taken on the exact spot where the gallery is based to preserve the authenticity of the space and its locations.

Interactive virtual tour

Laurie Victor Kay’s exhibition, featuring her artwork, was released in early June. ‘Our feedback has been very positive, and I’m happy we did this!’ – says L’Anne.



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