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Dior Beauty


Launch date:

In collaboration with Harrods, Dior Beauty’s spectacular virtual experience embraces the festive holiday season in an enchanting magical virtual world, alongside a physical pop-up exclusive to the British luxury department store Harrods.

In a first for Dior Beauty, the ‘Atelier of Dreams’ seamlessly merges the virtual and physical spaces, bringing together the brand values of both Harrods and the luxury beauty giant. The retail experience becomes timeless and location-free, allowing for 24/7 global access and free movement around the magical space while offering a direct purchase from the virtual experience.

The online store leads visitors on a magical festive adventure into Dior’s beauty collection, fragrance range, and various holiday collector items. The virtual experience extends Harrods in-store pop-up experience, adding an extra layer of interactivity and brand intimacy while enabling shoppers to purchase their favourite Dior Beauty items directly off the virtual rack.

Interactive virtual tour


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